Our Commitment

Panther Pediatric Dentistry is committed to providing quality, compassionate, and comprehensive dental care for children 0 to12 years of age. There is a high demand for the services we provide and our practice is growing in an effort to help meet the needs of our community. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we aim to help you and your family SMILE with Panther Pride.

Mask Requirement

In an effort to help keep our Panther Cubs, their families, and our Panther Pride safe, face masks are required for all individuals over the age of 2 years. We are not in a position to provide masks free of charge. A mask can be purchased for a  $2.00 cash donation to a worthy cause. 

Missed Appointment Policy

We understand that life happens! Because appointments are in high demand at Panther Pediatric Dentistry, we require a 24-business hours notice for cancellation of appointments. If a 24-business hours notice is not given, it will be counted as a missed appointment.

For new patients to the practice, if the first appointment is a missed appointment (no-show, late, or less than 24-business hours’ notice of a need to cancel), the privilege to schedule an appointment in advance will be lost and a child may be seen on a same-day only basis, as the schedule allows. Please be sure to have the parent/legal guardian present at the first visit (with photo identification and proof of guardianship) to complete new patient paperwork and give consent for treatment. Without proper documentation, the appointment may be modified or even canceled, resulting in a missed appointment.

For existing patients, after two missed appointments, (no-show, late, or less than 24-business hours’ notice of a need to cancel), the privilege to schedule an appointment in advance will be lost and a child may be seen on a same-day only basis, as the schedule allows.

If a same-day appointment is kept, the family regains the privilege to schedule in advance. However, another missed appointment puts a patient back in same-day-only status, and the family risks being dismissed from the practice.

Late Patient Policy

The Pride at Panther Pediatric Dentistry will try to work a late patient into the schedule, if possible, and planned treatment may be modified based on time. However, if a child arrives more than 10 minutes late for the appointment, the appointment may be canceled and counted as a missed appointment. After two missed appointments, the privilege to schedule an appointment in advance will be lost and a child may be seen on a same-day only basis, as the schedule allows.

Same Day Only

As a new patient, a child may be placed in Same Day Only status if he/she has missed the very first appointment with us by either not showing up for the appointment, canceling with less than 24- business hours’ notice, or having the appointment canceled due to a non-custodial parent or legal guardian present with the child without proper guardianship documents authorizing the adult to provide medical/legal consent for our dental services. If an existing patient of record has missed 2 appointments, per the policy, he/she will be placed in Same Day Only status.

Being placed in Same Day Only status does limit your ability to make an appointment for your child in advance. You can call on a day we are performing patient care and inquire if there are any openings in the schedule for your child to be seen. If so, you will be offered an appointment to be seen. If you are offered an appointment, your child is placed on the schedule, and you keep the appointment, you regain the ability to make future appointments. However, if a future appointment is missed, per the policy, your child will return to Same Day Only status, and your family risks being dismissed from the practice.

Please keep in mind that due to the high demand for the services we offer, there is no guarantee that same-day appointments are available. That is why it is so crucial to give us ample notice should you need to miss an appointment. This will allow us to schedule another Cub in need of our services in the appointment intended for your child and it keeps your family out of Same Day Only status.

Inactive Patients

At Panther Pediatric Dentistry, we encourage dental visits every 6 months so that we can monitor a child’s growth and development over time. We are committed to routine and regular dental visits and thrive when parents/guardians of our Cubs are committed as well. Given the high demand for the quality and compassionate care we offer, if your child has not been seen in our office for 18 months, we will inactivate their dental record. Children who graduate from Panther Pediatric Dentistry, transition to the general dentist, or transfer to another dentist will also have their chart inactivated.

If your child’s chart has been inactivated and you wish to schedule an appointment, we will treat them like a new patient – updating chart information and requiring new paperwork to be completed prior to being seen. You may be offered the next available appointment for your child. If the appointment for a re-activated Cub is missed, the entire family will be dismissed from the practice. 

Request an Appointment

We are always welcoming new Cubs to our Panther Pride. You can call our office at (216) 938-8501 and a friendly team member will be happy to schedule an appointment for your child. Please have insurance information ready at the time you call so that we can create your child’s chart while on the phone with you. If your child is in pain or experiencing a dental emergency, please call the office as soon as possible. If you are being referred by another dentist, please let us know!

Financial Policies

At Panther Pediatric Dentistry we aim to provide comprehensive, high-quality, and affordable treatment for your child. We expect full payment at the time the services are rendered. Our office accepts payments by cash or card including Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. We do not accept checks at the office.

We are an in-network provider for many state-funded and private Insurance plans including:

  • Buckeye
  • CareSource
  • Cigna
  • Delta Dental
  • GEHA/Connection Dental
  • Guardian
  • Molina
  • Ohio Medicaid
  • Team Care
A small boy in a bright, blue shirt smiles widely to show off his white teeth.

Although we make every effort to obtain accurate information from the insurance carrier, verification of benefits is not a guarantee that an insurance carrier will pay a claim, or pay the amount estimated. Patients are responsible for checking their benefits prior to treatment. Co-pays and payment/balances must be paid at the time of services. The insurance carrier makes the final determination, based upon the plan’s level of coverage and associated policies, upon receiving the claim. Denied claims become the responsibility of the patient. If your benefits change during the course of treatment, the financially responsible party is accountable for all charges. You will be able to review our financial policy in the new patient paperwork.

Our helpful team is always happy to answer your financial questions. Please call us at 216-938-8501 during business hours to speak with a team member if you have any further questions or concerns.